The Challenge

How large corporations are impacted by currency errors in Salesforce


Missing a target forecast to markets / investors

  • The month, quarter or year can be closed before the mistake is recognised and therefore irretrievable by sales
  • Leaders can be embarrassed by the discrepancy between the financial system and the CRM system
  • Disproportionate blame falls on the system administrator who made the error in manually entering the rate

Making a mistake in pricing when quoting a customer

  • The customer can hold the company to the quote
  • Pricing might not have approval if it crossed a discount percentage because of the wrong rate being applied
  • Customers can feel an attempt was made to cheat them by using an erroneous rate

Botching commission payments to salespeople / managers

  • Salespeople lose faith in the commission process and begin reviewing all deals to validate the exchange rate applied and therefore lose selling time
  • Payroll has to be recalculated or corrected the following month
  • Different commission levels might have resulted based on the correct currency rate and there may be a disproportionate effect on commision payments

The Solution

Auto FX solves the problem

Powerful Scheduler
Automated solution

Create an automated schedule to retrieve adjusted live rates from external sources to update static or dated exchange rates any time any day.

Complete Control
Flexible & easy to use

Manage all your currency and dated exchange rate needs from a single app. Get the most accurate rates into Salesforce quickly & easily.

Lightning UX
Newest & best interface yet

Built using the latest Salesforce Lightning technology. Get all the benefits in both Lightning Experience and Classic.

Safe & reliable

100% native Salesforce app. No private data is shared with external sources. No username or password is captured.

Track update history

Track history of currency updates and get notifications by email of any scheduler failures.

Historical Loader
More features

Load years of historical rates for your currencies into Salesforce in a matter of minutes. Accurate rates from day 1!

Auto FX for Salesforce

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  • Plug & Play install and setup
  • Site-wide license
  • 30 day free trial
  • Priority support
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